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About Me

I am a web designer, developer, and product manager with my skills bridging User Experience, Technology, and Business. Through uniting these three areas I am able to design and build websites that solve real commercial objectives, create and execute on digital strategies that deliver results, and launch and grow innovative applications.

I have worked across a number of sectors from AdTech and Lead Generation to Social Enterprise and Service Design, with this experience bringing a rounded and deep understanding of customer acquisition, growth, and retention.

At my core, I am a passionate alpinist and climber with my experiences outdoors fuelling my creativity, innovation, and digital passion. From managing risk to confident disaster management and recovery, the overlap in skills and mental preparation benefits my digital work.

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Medium Rare Digital

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I need to keep it simple, stupid.

Keep it simple, stupidIn design and engineering there is an acronym K.I.S.S – or, keep it simple, stupid – which states that most systems work better if they are simple. I came across it in web development where overcomplicating not just programming but design and user experience can have catastrophic effects for your end goal. The more I...

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